Romantic Gifts for Men: Gifts Any Man Is Sure to Love


Your man always deserves the best and something special. And if it is coming from you, then it sure would be romantic.  Be it his birthday, your anniversary or a work promotion, a well thought gift will definitely make him go weak in the knees.  Or surprise him for no reason. Why wait for an occasion?

How about some of these ideas for a perfect romantic gift? I’m sure you won’t need words to express how much you care.



romantic-watch-gift-for-menA wrist watch is one of the coolest yet pretty romantic gifts. There are various brands available in the market today.

You can get something fancy or reasonable according to your budget. A white dial with a leather strap or black Chronograph in a chain, they all look cool. Or if you know what he likes, then it is even easier for you to pick one. A watch is always welcome by men, well mostly!

What’s more, it will remind him of you every time he checks for the time.

Drink Glasses

romatic-wine-glass-for-himThe pleasure of drinking in beautiful glasses is definitely more than drinking in random glassware.  A drink glass is a sweet and romantic gift. Make the moment even more special when the two of you are having a dinner. If he loves cocktails, gift him a classy wine glass or a wine mug. I’m sure he would love his drinks more.

A beverage glass would be a great idea too if he isn’t fond of hard drinks but likes to experiment with soft drinks and better sex smoothies.


romantic-gift-for-men-shoesThere can never be enough shoes!  You might be thinking what’s romantic about a pair of shoes? Right? Isn’t it special that it comes from you? Try and figure out what he likes the most. Perhaps you can take a note of the pairs he already has in his closet.   If he is more of a formal kind and loves wearing shirts and trousers, then a pair of brogue or an oxford would do the trick.

Not only men but even women love to flaunt a nice pair of sneakers. Suede and canvas offer some great material options to choose from.  You can even pick loafers if he likes to wear cotton pants and stay semi formal.

Musical Instruments

romantic-gifts-for-menMusic represents love. I haven’t seen a single person in my lifetime who doesn’t like music. Have you? I am sure your man is passionate too. Gift him a guitar or a keyboard. Saxophones and flutes have their own charm. Some even like to play whistles.

But you also need to share him the number of a music teacher. We all need some lessons before we start. Isn’t it? If he already knows how to play or has a friend to help him, nothing likes it.

A Bottle of Fine Whiskey

Generally it is the other way round. A bottle of wine is considered more romantic. This time for a change, gift him his favorite whiskey to pleasure his palate. Not only will he love you for it but also enjoy the tipsy drink till the last drop.


Who doesn’t love gadgets?  Get him the special edition of iPhone which is cute, sexier and romantic. If he is on Android, you have a lot of options to choose from.  A rose gold selfie phone is a perfect romantic gift.


chocolate-gift-for-himIf your man is a chocolate lover, get him a big box of sinful chocolates.  Pick up something which has a combination of different flavors. If you are also planning to pick a bottle of wine, then chocolate pairs up nicely with it. It is a great combination! For something more intimate, go for personalised chocolates

A Surprise Vacation or a Date


There is nothing better than surprising him with a romantic trip or a vacation. Go to an exotic or uncrowded location and enjoy some private time.

The most important thing is to get him something which he would love to use. Try to find out what he needs or has had his eye on lately. Put in some love and it will surely be the best gift he ever had.

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