10 Cool Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017

cool christmas gift ideas

There is still some time for Christmas, however, quite a few people have already begun figuring out the gifts that they are going to present to their loved ones. So, if you are among those who are looking to gift something out of the league this Christmas, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Through the medium of this article, I am going to showcase the top 10 cool Christmas gift ideas for 2017.

FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker

We are living in a time where everyone is quite conscious about their health and fitness. The FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker will take care of all your fitness needs by keeping a track over your workouts, calories burned, heart rate, steps and distance covered. The fitness tracker will also monitor your sleep and will also enable you to have a quick look at all your calls and text messages.

Wooden iPhone Skyline Case

There are quite a few iPhone cases that you will be able to find, however, no one can beat the Wooden iPhone Skyline Case. The case is slim and will enable you to have an easy grip over your iPhone. There are some other designs also which are available.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Eco is a perfect gift for all those who are tech savvy. This device will enable an individual to make use of the technology in the best possible way. The voice recognition service “Alexa” will answer all your queries which include giving an update about the daily news and weather.

Selfie Mic Music Set

This one is for all the kids out there. With the Selfie Mic Music Set your children will be able to make their own music videos. It features a selfie mic that is attached to the smartphone. This is a new age Christmas present for your kids.

Bose ‘SoundSport’ Wireless Earbuds

The Bose ‘SoundSport’ Wireless Earbuds have been designed for all the music lovers out there. So, if any of your friends or family members who is a music lover out there then these earbuds are the best gift for them this Christmas.

Burberry Blue/Black Credit Card Holder/Wallet

This is a must have for all the men out there. This wallet cum credit card holder will enable a person to keep all his cash and valuable credit cards safely. Any male member of your family who has a trouble in keeping his credit cards safe should be gifted this.

Nest Cam Security Camera

Keep all your loved ones secure by gifting them the Nest Cam Security Camera. This will enable them to monitor their home all the time and keep it theft free. The security camera can be easily connected to your smartphone and will send all the alerts directly on it.

iPhone 7 or 7 plus

Everyone loves the iPhone. There is no better time than Christmas to gift an iPhone 7 to any of your friends or family. Prices generally drop during this time which makes it even more enticing to grab an iPhone of the previous generation.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick from Amazon is a nice Christmas gift for all those who love to watch the different TV shows and movies. The Fire TV Stick can be easily connected to your TVs HDMI port. There are well over 7000 apps and movies to enjoy. In addition to this, the Alexa voice control will make the whole experience with the Fire TV Stick an intuitive one.

Mr. Coffee Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers out there, finally, there is something to cheer about. This smart coffee maker will enable a person to schedule and adjust the brew time. Reminders can also be set so that that the coffee remains fresh and hot. The coffee makers can be connected to the smartphone with the help of an app.

In The End 

All the gift ideas that are mentioned in this article are quite trendy and are related to the technological age. Based on the interests and the individual preferences of an individual you can choose any of these as a Christmas gift.

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